Christian Programming in Your Home

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Christian television stations "Three Angel's Broadcasting Network" (3ABN), "The HOPE Channel" and "Loma Linda Broadcasting Network" are available for you to try RISK-FREE! 
We will come to your home and install the satellite dish and set you up with everything you need. You will have one month to decide if you wish to keep this 100% family-friendly Christian programming. 
If after one month you decide you would like to keep the satellite system you will be charged a nominal (at cost), ONE-TIME fee for the equipment and you will have these stations as well as four Spanish-speaking channels and numerous radio stations. If not, we will remove the equipment and you pay nothing. No strings, no risk.
Again, it is a one-time fee, there is NO monthly charge and the installation is FREE.
It is our desire to make this wonderful resource available for as little as we possibly can.